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The Indian National Science Academy is the adhering body in India to the International Council for Science and its various affiliated Unions/Committees/Commissions, etc. International Council for Science (ISC) is a non-governmental organisation formed during 1931 to promote international scientific activities in different branches of science and their applications for the benefit of humanity. This is being achieved through facilitating international co-operation in scientific work and promoting the formation of International Unions in different branches of science. The Academy acts through the various National Committees constituted to coordinate with the ISC activities in India.

Role of National Committees
To recommend through the adhering organisation (INSA), its views regarding organisational changes of statutes, proposals for scientific action or matters for discussions
To prepare country status reports which may be desirable for bringing before the General Assembly of the respective Union.
To recommend scientists to represent the adhering organisation at the General Assembly of the respective Union and other International Congresses sponsored by them.
To holding of International Conferences/Congresses/General Assemblies in India under the auspices of the International Unions
To recommend suitable names of Indian scientists for the various Executive positions in the ISC bodies.


A committee comprising the Chairmen of the National Committees in different branches of science and corresponding to the International ISC bodies, forms the ISC National Committee. The President and the Vice-President (International Affairs), INSA are the Ex-Officio Chairman and Member-Secretary, respectively of this committee.

Following are the aims and objectives of the ISC National Committee

To realize the objectives of the International Council for Science, i.e. to facilitate and coordinate the activities of the International Scientific Unions in the field of the exact and natural sciences;
t and natural sciences;
To act as the coordinating centre for the national organizations adhering to the Council;
To act as the coordinating centre for the national organizations adhering to the Council;
To enter through the intermediary of the national adhering organizations into relations with Government of their respective countries in order to promote scientific research in these countries;research in these countries;
To maintain relations with specialized and related agencies of the United Nations; and
To make such contacts and mutual arrangements as are deemed necessary with other International Councils, Unions and Organizations where common interest exists.

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