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  Guru Prakash Dutta

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Name Dr GP Dutta
(Dr Guru Prakash Dutta)
FNA ID N84-0230
Address 9, Shyam Nagar, Khurram Nagar,
City Lucknow
Pin Code 226022
Country India
Gender Male
Specialization Protozoology, Immunology & Microbiology
Service in the Council
Qualification PhD, DSc
Membership FNASc
  Year of Election 1984  
E-mail gpdutta@hotmail.com
Personal Website

Guru Parkash Dutta obtained his BSc (1952), BSc (Hons) in Zoology (1955), MSc (Hons) (1956), PhD (1961) under Professor Vishwa Nath, and DSc (1973) from Punjab University. He received Research Fellowship of National Institute of Sciences of India (now INSA); Senior post-doctoral Fellowship of UGC; National Fellowship of Govt of India and International post-doctoral Fellowship of National Institutes of Health, Bethesda (1962-63). He was a Lecturer in Zoology (1962) Panjab University, Chandigarh; SSO at CDRI, Lucknow (1964) and continued as Head of Microbiology Division and Scientist in Director's Grade (Sc 'G') till 1993. He was an Emeritus Scientist of CSIR at CDRI (1994-98) and Honorary Malaria Consultant at CIMAP (1998-2000).

Academic and Research Achievements: Dr Dutta's work was focused on "Antimalarial Drug Development". His most important research includes development of fast-acting 'alpha/beta' arteether, 'alpha' and 'beta' arteether, 'alpha' and 'beta' artelinate, dihydroartemisinin for the treatment of cerebral malaria, pyronaridine and bulaquine (a safe antirelapse drug to replace primaquine). Tefenoquine (another antirelapse drug) was developed jointly with WRAIR. Further, he also found transmission blocking action of several artemisinin derivatives besides bulaquine and tefenoquine. Causal prophylactic activity of IFN-? (recombinant Hu), Poly IC-LC and IL-12 was also been observed by him in collaboration with USUHS, Bethesda. Based on his antimalarial drug research, nearly 30 national/international patents have been granted. WHO had also recognized CDRI as a Reference Centre (CC59) for antimalarial drug development. He has published three reviews on Cytochemistry and Ultrastructure of Protozoa and two reviews on Amoebiasis in prestigious International Review of Cytology (Academic Press). He has published 275 research articles and written two books entitled Technology for Antimalarial Drug Development and Prophylaxis against Malaria (1998) and Experimental and Clinical Studies on Amoebiasis (Tata-McGraw Hill, 1981). Nearly 40 students have received PhD and MD degrees under his guidance.

Other Contributions: Dr Dutta has collaborated in establishing two International Programmes on Malaria (1983-94) with Walter Reed Institute, Washington, DC, under which tafenoquine and a large number of other 8-aminoquinolines had been screened in primate malaria models. He has acted as Member of WHO Task Force on Hormonal Contraceptive & Malaria (1979). He has also edited the book CSIR Golden Jubilee Symposium: Tropical Disease (1994).

Awards and Honours: Dr Dutta received SS Bhatnagar Prize (1976) and he was elected a Fellow of National Academy of Sciences (India), Allahabad (1990) and Indian Society of Parasitology (1993).

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