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  Kasturi Lal Chopra

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Name Professor KL Chopra
(Professor Kasturi Lal Chopra)
FNA ID N78-0163
Address M-70, Kirti Nagar,
City New Delhi
Pin Code 110015
Country India
Gender Male
Specialization Solid State Physics, Nanoscience and Technology of Thin Films
Service in the Council Member, 1988-1990
Qualification PhD
Membership FASc, FNASc, FNAE
  Award The Kariamanikkam Srinivasa Krishnan Memorial Lecture, 1992
The Prasanta Chandra Mahalanobis Medal, 1996
The Aryabhatta Medal, 2004
  Year of Election 1978  
E-mail choprakl@yahoo.com;choprakl@gmail.com
Personal Website

Kasturi Lal Chopra earned his BSc (Hons) and MSc in Physics from Delhi University and PhD in Low Temperature Physics from the University of British Columbia in 1957. He was Defence Research Fellow at Royal Military College, Canada, Max Planck Fellow at Fritz Haber Institute, Berlin, Staff Scientist at Philco-Ford Scientific Laboratory and Ledgemont Laboratory of Kennecott Copper Corp in USA, Adjunct Professor at Northeastern and Visiting Professor at Cornell University, and a consultant to R&D groups at IBM, Westinghouse, ARCO, etc. He joined IIT Delhi in 1970 as Senior Professor of Solid State Physics and served as Head of Physics Department, Head, Energy Centre, Dean of Post Graduate Studies and Dean, Industrial R&D. He was invited to the post of Director, IIT Kharagpur, which he served for a period of 10 years. After retirement, he was Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency Chair Professor at IIT, Delhi and presently continues to mentor several academic and R&D institutionsasChairman , BoG of BBIT,Kolkata and HDF-SoM, Bhubneshwar,  and Honorary Prof of IITD,IITBB, BESU,ITMand KFUPM of Saudi Arabia 

Academic and Research Achievements: Professor Chopra's notable research contributions are related to solid-state physics , thin films and nanomatter. His pioneering studies of size effects in thin film properties, establishment of specular scattering of electrons in epitaxial metal films, discovery of field induced nucleation and growth process, polymorphism in thin films, discovery of giant photocontraction effect in amorphous chalcogenide films, development of semiconducting metallopolymer films, novel chemical processes for low dimensional nanomaterials, high temperature superconductors are well known. He has published over 430 papers in international journals, authored /edited  ten books and supervised 100 MTech and 60 PhD Theses. He holds six US patents and has trnsferred 8 know-hows to  the Indian industries

Other Contributions: Chopra founded the Thin Film Laboratory at IIT, Delhi and Microscience Lab at IIT, Kharagpur. He has served as President, Society for Scientific Values; President Indian Vacuum Society; Vice President, MRSI & EMSI; Chairman, International Conference on Thin Films & Solid Surfaces and as member of several national and international committees in related fileds. He has also served as a member of Editorial Boards of many national and international journals and is presently an Associate Editor of Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells, an Elsevier Journal. He served as Member, INSA Council (1988-90).

Awards and Honours: Dr Chopra is a recipient of Padma Shri by the Government of India; KS Krishnan Memorial Lecture Award (1992), PC Mahalanobis Medal (1996) and Aryabhata Medal (2004) all of INSA, Kennecott Corp Patent Awards, Bhatnagar Prize, Bhabha Award, FICCI Award, Bhasin Foundation Award, Biren Roy Medal, Citation Laureate Award of ISI, USA and Distinguished Scientist/Life-time Achievement Awards of Materials Research Society of India breitling replica watches,Indian Vacuum Soc& Solar Energy Society,IITD Freedom of the Institute Award,Distinguished Academician Awrad of IITP, DSc(hc) of IITKGp and UPTU. He is also a Fellow of Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore, National Academy of Sciences (India), Allahabad, National Academy of Engineering and the American Physical Society.

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