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HP Window enabled server has been installed at Informatics centre for managing the centralized Symantec Antivirus solutions.

Unified threat Management (UTM)

The GajShield UTM installed with highly integrated security solution, working in tandem that systematically provides network security to Academy from Inbound and Outbound threats and vulnerabilities. Further, it is highly effective because its strength lies in the bundle of solutions which are integrated and designed to work together without treading on each other’s toes and helping to protect the gateway level threats and flow of network level security within the campus.


National Knowledge Network (NKN)

NKN high speed broadband connection is available in INSA. NKN is Govt. of India project with 1Gbps connection to all scientific academic institutes and universities. Currently we have 100mbps high speed bandwidth.


Video Conference Facility

Academy is installed with High Definition Video conferencing facility which is frequently used to interact with Indian/Overseas Scientific Community.



Entire Academy Premises is networked with Fiber optics link between the building and UTP cables within the Building with a switch based network. Additionally some meeting zones are also covered with WiFi.


Online Journal Site

INSA 3 jouranls are maintained in www.insa.nic.in



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