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Indian Journal of History of Science, which was started in 1966 under the editorship of Prof. D. M. Bose, completes 35 volumes with the current number. From 1966 to 1983, each volume consisted of two numbers; in 1984 the Journal was converted into a quarterly, with four numbers for each volume. Thus during these 35 years, there appeared 102 numbers of 35 volumes. These carried some 870 papers, about one hundred book reviews and a dozen primary texts, critically edited and translated with annotations.

The following pages offer, in the first three sections, a complete author index respectively to all the papers, book reviews and conference reports. Section IV contains a list of the texts which appeared as Supplements to the Journal. The Journal also published full proceedings of several conferences on history of science, organized or sponsored by the Indian National Science Academy. Details of these proceedings are given in Section V.

Besides the papers published in the Indian Journal of History of Science, this index includes also the papers published in Bulletin of the National Institute of Sciences of India, No. 23 of 1963. This number contains the proceedings of the Symposium on History of Science, organised at Calcutta in 1961, and is, in a way, the forerunner of the Indian Journal of History of Science. These papers are identified by the abbreviation BNISI 23 (1963).

It is hoped that this Cumulative Index will be useful as a reference tool for history of science in India.The part of Index for years 2001 onwards will be available shortly. However, the texts covered to be found at clicking at IJHS.

Cumulative Index of IJHS

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