Welcome message from the Chair


Welcome! INYAS was founded by INSA in December 2014, but actually came into existence with the selection of its 20 founding members by the INSA Council in May 2015. INYAS aspires to be the voice of young scientists across the country. With the founding of INYAS, India has joined the worldwide movement to build a network of young academicians, to provide a platform for exchange of ideas, initiate discussion among the new generation and to make the voices of the young researchers be heard by senior academicians, diplomats and policy makers.


India is a nation of immense cultural, religious and linguistic diversity, and boasts of a vivid history. In spite of its rich cultural heritage, this nation lacks the scientific temper, and is bogged down by mindless superstitions and prejudices that can cause serious damage to the health and wellbeing of the people. The lack of education is one of the major problems faced by our country, and though the stress of primary education by government and non-governmental agencies has begun to alleviate this problem to some extent, we have a long way to go. However, curricular education is not enough to build a nation that practices science as a way of life, and INYAS hopes to embark on a long term mission to work towards this goal. We would like to take science to children in schools and to people on the streets – help people see how science plays a role in our daily lives. India is on its way to becoming the “youngest nation” of the world, which can give us immense potential, if we choose to accept it. With the power of the youth, let us bring in a generation of people who practice science as a way of life.


INYAS has joined hands with the young academies across the world through the Global Young Academy, and we hope that the young scientists of India would join us to network with like-minded academicians and to exchange ideas through this platform. Join us to brainstorm over issues that we consider to be important for our country and for the world, and let us add the spirit of youth to the academic environment of our country.


Anindita Bhadra, Founding Member and Chair, INYAS